Community Enthusiasm in WANT WANT DAY Event

Look forward to the Want Want Day Event in your city!

September 22, 2022

Finally, officially RICEPOP and BALLCAKE are here in Indonesia. Want Want Indonesia offers 3 flavors of Ricepop, that is Original, Grilled Beef and BBQ as well as Ballcake with 2 flavors of Honey (Bolabee) and Milk (Bolamoo) for the people of Indonesia. In this first sales phase, Want Want Indonesia held an event called WANT WANT DAY to introduce RICEPOP and BALLCAKE to the Indonesian people, especially in Java and Bali. WANT WANT DAY has been implemented in 24 selected wholesaler stores in all cities in Java and Bali.

By presenting a wide selection of flavors from Ricepop and Ballcake, as well as a variety of interesting activities such as massive promotions for wholesale shops, cash prizes for consumers and the provision of attractive accessories, WANT WANT DAY has attracted massive attention from the Indonesian people.

Indonesian people’s enthusiasm for Ricepop and Ballcake is very high. Many of the consumers who attended the WANT WANT DAY event, this is the first time they have found a snack made from rice and it tastes good, savory and crunchy, very suitable for the Indonesian tongue. Not only is Ricepop loved, but Ballcake is no less attractive to the public because finally there is a snack that is nutritious and safe for consumption for Indonesian children at an affordable price.

Look out for us in your city!